DIY Troubleshooting

Tips for those              that Troubleshoot

System is running but no air is coming out of vents

The system is most likely frozen.  Check filters to make sure they are clean and not restricting airflow to unit.  A plugged filter can cause the system to freeze over, preventing any air flow from circulating through the system.  If the filter is dirty, change filter, turn system off for a few hours to allow thaw and turn system back on to see if this corrects the issue.  The system could be frozen due to other issues that will require service or repair from a qualified technician but this is a good first step and could save you unnecessary charges.  If problems persist, call to set up an appointment for a service call.


Airflow from outlet register is low in one room and not another.

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The condensate drain is draining over a window or doorway.

This is most likely an indication that the primary drain line is clogged and your system is now draining from the emergency drain.  It is placed so that you can see this noticeably so the issue can be resolved.  If both a primary and secondary drain line become clogged it can lead to either water damage in the interior of the home or will cause the system to shut off if your system has a float switch to prevent water damage.  This can also be an indication that the system is freezing up pushing condensation into the emergency pan to drain.  If you see water coming from these places, call for an appointment to have your system serviced.


System is running continuously without shutting off

Check thermostat to make sure the fan is not set to the ON position.  This setting will cause the fan to run continuously, it will not cause the actual cooling or heating system to run,  only the fan.  If the thermostat is set to the on position, set it to the AUTO position and this should rectify the issue, causing the fan to come on and go off with the system cycles.  If this doesn't rectify the issue, call for a service call, there could be any number of problems causing the issue.


System won't do anything at all.

Check breakers to ensure they have not tripped.  If they have, reset and turn system back on.  If problem persists, there is an underlying problem that needs to be corrected by a qualified service technician.  If your thermostat uses batteries at it's power source,  try changing the batteries to make sure this is not the issue.  If neither of these rectify the problem, call for an appointment.